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How to Build a Successful Brand ?

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How to Build a Successful Brand ?

Now let’s talk about the brand. A brand isn’t just a recognizable name and logo that distinguishes you in a crowded market. It’s what they, your customers say it is. Essentially brand is your reputation and how you’ll be perceived as a business.

I like to break down building a brand into a six-part checklist, researching our target audience
and our competitors, picking our focus and business personality, choosing our business name, writing our slogan, choosing the look and feel of our brand, and designing our logo.

if you want to develop your own brand. Your first step before start making any decision about brand. Let’s open up a few of our competitors, web pages, and social media pages. From here, I’ll start pulling screenshots and noting down color schemes from these websites.

Now, the idea here isn’t that we want to mimic what these brands are doing, but we want
to start identifying some commonalities and use that as a foundation to build our own brand.
Some other things we could do is browse subreddits and review sites that are related to our customers.

You should always focus on your brand personality. Who your business is and what you do should always be crystal clear to customers. For that reason, it’s important
to find our focus and let that inform all other parts of our brand as we build it.

A company’s logo is probably one of the first things that come to mind when thinking about
building or recognizing a brand. Building a brand doesn’t stop with creating a logo, a slogan, or even with the launch of your brand.


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