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3 Strategies to Use Psychology to Boost Sales

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3 Strategies to Use Psychology to Boost Sales

Selling is an art; and if you haven’t yet mastered it, you need to do it immediately for the sake of your business. As any great salesman will tell you, instigating the customer into making a favorable decision is all about psychology. Online marketing is no different. You need to integrate psychology to make marketing work better.

Strategy 1: Prepare visitors mentally to make the decision.

Three kinds of people visit your site – the buyers, who have decided to make the purchase, the potential buyers, who aren’t sure about their decision yet, and the casual window shoppers, who are just browsing sites without any intent to purchase.

Your task is to mentally prepare the two latter groups for making a purchase decision. A clever way to do it is with a smart web copy. Include into it every detail about what you deliver. Add to it a refund promise, and you have a recipe for success.

A good example of this is available on the website of Gym Junkies. Once visitors get to know what the business delivers, they feel better about subscribing to it. And the site offers a free-to-download guide, which instigates visitors further to make the decision.

Strategy 2: Make visitors work to get your product or service.

Visitors aren’t the only ones given a choice to make the purchase. A business may have a choice too in the selection of who it sells to. It does sound kind of counter-productive, but if it clicks, it can work wonders.

Another option is to let people apply for the product and wait for it. For example, you may have to wait for a month to get your hands on a specific Hermes bag. The time delay builds up the excitement.

Strategy 3: Have visitors focus on the future outcome.

Suppose you sell hot tubs. It’s good to focus on how great your tubs are, what features they incorporate and how affordable they are. But you can also use another point of view. Instead of the products, your site may focus on its impact.

Just build your site on the premise of ‘what a great addition a hot tub will be to a home’. Include pictures and descriptions of people enjoying hot tubs in serene and romantic surroundings or hosting a party around it.

Once your visitors have a clear idea about how great a hot tub will be for their home, it’s much easier to make a sale. Just make sure your products deliver what you claim on your future-focused site.


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